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"The forest is the therapist, the guide just opens the doors." -Amos Clifford, ANFT

About Georgia

About Georgia

While teaching English in Japan, Georgia had surprise and admiration for the kindergarten culture. Nature was part of every day there, windows open, shoes off, animals being brought in to be studied. One could look out the big open windows and only see the bottoms of giant cedar trees, close and above on the hillside. Inspired, she researched forest-based preschools and stumbled upon the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy website. A new way to connect with nature for adults? She was very intrigued.

Moving back to the States, Georgia began herbal supplement guidance at a local pharmacy. She heard patients’ stories about anxiety, depression, and fatigue again and again. “This is just not me,” they’d say. It was clear that reconnecting with the healing power of nature, with the self, with time, and with others would serve not only individuals but the community as a whole. Georgia became a certified Guide with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy and is passionate about helping Nashvillians connect with nature and themselves in a new way.

In addition to guiding and taking care of her new daughter, Georgia is currently earning her Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling. She hopes someday to integrate her counseling practice with Forest Therapy for a full spectrum of healing options.